Attention architects – imaging bringing your building projects to life

Planning, preparing and previewing.

Being experts in 3D modelling ourselves, we know creating well rendered buildings isn't easy. Once the hard work is done though, we think our Augmented Reality architecture technology can add an extra dose of functionality to your models. 


Imagine, building plans being transformed into fully-fledged 3D using Augmented Reality architecture right in front of your eyes. By simply downloading your mobile application and scanning a trigger image of your choice, your clients will be able to preview your building in 3D glory via their mobile or tablet device.

Architectural plans can be bought to life, demonstrating to buyers how houses or retail establishments will look when complete. This not only acts as a sales tool, but also as support mechanism for architects wishing to show their clients how their projects will look once complete. Our Augmented Reality for architecture also allows users to modify the 3D content – providing the opportunity to add rooms to a building, change fixtures and fittings or even take the roof off a property.

Why not download our brochure and app and give it a try for yourself? We're sure you'll be amazed at the possibilities.