Communicate. Engage. Advertise.

Reach out to your customers by using Augmented Reality advertising to demonstrate your products and services. Combine print and digital media to target both your existing and prospective customers in a way that will take their breath away. If you’re trying to build a relationship or strengthen an existing one then communication is key. But how do you communicate with a difference? Using Augmented Reality either as a 3D rendered trigger image or to geographically recognise a location and build a virtual message based in a real life surrounding.

At Mooch we understand that the market place is a busy environment. Are you tired of the hustle and bustle from sellers competing for the largest market share whilst buyers search through hundreds of marketing messages to find the perfect product or service for them? Well, Augmented Reality marketing might just be the perfect way to engage directly with your customers and what better way than via their mobiles which we can guarentee will pretty much never be out of reach.

Market your business using Augmented Reality to communicate those key messages in an interactive, innovative manner. Think about what leads you to purchase a product, is it the product recommendations or clever advertising? Adapt this into an engaging game or informative platform supported by your print documents that can be brought to life in the form of a virtual recorded video.

Advertisements, they’re everywhere; public transport, magazines and even on packaging. With technology becoming a huge part of everyday routines for many individuals, we’re implementing this into our advertising and marketing strategies. Augmented Reality can transform your outdated advertising techniques by using 3D virtual imagery that displays in context with the real world environment surrounding the trigger image. Now that's what you call marketing with a difference! If you aren't so keep on the idea of implementing Augmented Reality with your existing print you can use location-based Augmented Reality to overlay information or imagery onto users real world view, enticing customers to your store or optimising surroundings with an exciting activity using Augmented Reality.

Make an impact with Augmented Reality and become a recognised brand on a new level of digital platform.