Business Cards

A beer mat or a business card?

A business card; it will hold important contact details and be branded too but will it be quickly disposed of following hand out? 

The choice of material, colour and font always stand out to our team when we’re handed a business card. As an important piece of business stationery, usually handed out as a point of contact for potential customers the business card should be re-printed regularly with an up to date design. 

But how can you create an amazing first impression from an 85 x 55mm piece of card?

At Mooch we’re able to create Augmented Reality business card which consists of a trigger image that comes to life with the use of a smart phone or tablet. Creating a business card combined with Augmented Reality allows you to communicate core values through providing a short video introducing you and your company or even an engaging competition which will ensure that no one forgets your business card. But when we say the possibilities are endless, we aren't kidding. A video is not the only thing you can create using Augmented Reality from a business card. Promote your best selling product or even include an exciting competition to keep your customers on their toes.

It can be pretty difficult to make an impact on such a small document but it’s crucial you do so. Believe us when we say, its more than just a business card.

Let us create an unforgettable Augmented Reality business card for you.