What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology, which dynamically overlays the real world with the virtual world, bringing the two together.

In today's over-communicated world, getting your marketing message heard above the noise can be nigh on impossible. It's estimated that on average, we're exposed to around 3,500 different marketing messages per day and hit with over 180 adverts every hour. That's enough to make anyone switch off.

We believe AR brings something different to the party. Something that really vies for your prospect or customer's attention. You see - Augmented Virtual Reality gives it's users something back. There's a reason for someone to notice your message over all the others out there.

So how exactly how you can augment reality? We’ll be honest - it’s pretty clever stuff, but here goes our best non-jargon explanation. AR works by recognising ‘trigger material’ (which may be an image in print, a physical object or real world item like a product or a building) through a smart device like a mobile phone or a tablet. By pointing a device at the trigger material, the user can see a representation of the real world, supplemented by whatever you want. This can be a company logo, a 3D model of a product or even a marketing video. These supplemented (or augmented) items can be interactive, meaning the viewer can engage with the content through their device. This opens up a world of marketing possibilities for adventurous organisations wanting to break the mould and try something new.

All Augmented Reality applications utilise the following items to deliver their content:

• A trigger image or trigger location

• A smart phone or tablet

• An AR application installed on the users' device

Augmented Reality can be used in a variety of exciting ways, including:

• On pack/product information

• Gaming

• Instructional walkthroughs

• Interactive product models

• POS marketing

• Education

Like to know a little more about the technology involved? Our development team know all there is about AR – why not give us a call on 01384 897230 and we'll fill you in on the details.

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