Find out more about Augmented Reality Design.

A world without design would be a world of chaos.

According to The Design Institute of Australia “Design is the skill of incorporating the human, cultural and aesthetic aspects of projects.”

We agree. Design is an important element of innovation that is often overlooked. It helps determine how we interact with and experience, products and services. This in turn, will affect which products or services we will buy and what we are prepared to pay for them.

 Each and every Augmented Reality application we produce is bespoke (we never use off-the-shelf software or templates), innovative and crafted to deliver results for our clients..

Augmented Reality design is an art. Digital design projects always include careful consideration of how an application will respond to the device it's being used on. This ensures that our Augmented Reality projects are always perfectly presented on any device.

As an agency, we love design. And what we love even more, is integrating great design into stunning Augmented Reality applications. It may be a sign, some packaging, or even a logo – it really doesn't matter. Integrating your branding or design work into our projects is what we do best.

You already have a corporate brochure for your business and don't want to change a thing with it. Well, here’s a little good news for you - the design and technology behind Augmented Reality allows 3D digital animations and graphics to be retrofitted to existing literature, with no need to have to update your existing artwork (even if it's printed).

If you’d like us to demo some of our recent Augmented Reality design projects, simply drop us a mail here? Or you can connect with us through one of our social channels to find out a little more about what we’re up to in the studio at the moment.

We understand the importance of good design (and so we should – our organisational roots are in graphics design).