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Mobile Augmented Reality – a media for the masses

It is anticipated that the mobile phone market will be made up of 1.67 billion people by the end of 2014, with 22 countries world-wide having more smartphone's than regular mobiles used amongst the population. There's no escaping it – the world of mobile technology is not only here to stay, it's growing at an amazing rate.

We believe the rise in popularity of the smartphone will see more and more organisations and businesses try and talk to their customers via Mobile Augmented Reality. And why not – it is after all, a great idea. Potential customers rushing to the shops or dining in a restaurant never have their mobile phone too far away. Capitalising on this opportunity, savvy businesses will be looking to take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with their customers and sell to them. Maybe you should be doing this too?

Using Augmented Reality for mobile will allow users to look at new products prior to purchase, take part in competitions and games or discover information all from their mobile devices.

Connecting with existing and potential customers can be tricky, especially when your target market is not in one specific area. However, reaching them can be quick and easy when a smart device and Augmented Reality are involved. If you’re thinking that your target market is located in a particular place, then even better. Augmented Reality can also raise awareness of your business using real life surroundings as triggers to guide people or engage them on a route or journey.

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Communicating your organisation's values, objectives or initiatives couldn’t be simpler, Augmented Reality mobile provides an engaging communication tool to interact directly with customers through their smartphone or tablet device.