Career choices for students

 Jun 24, 2014 -

 Black Country Consortium

The purpose of this platform is to introduce engineering and manufacturing as career choices to 13 and 14 year old students.

This AR application launched as QuadRun, has been created with an identity (, to appeal to this student age group, containing fast and easy to connect with content, industry facts and well known innovators from these sectors.
Find out more about how Quadrun works by clicking here.


With additional case studies demonstrating how younger engineers have begun their careers, all of this detail is presented in a dynamic, interactive and relevant way, always with the audience in mind. The key to this AR platform with students is the augmented gamification, which has been created adding a fun, dynamic pullfactor to this industry introduction. By pointing a smart device at the QuadRun logo, the student is able to fly two Quadcopter missions around augmented landscapes. They are able to modify flying behaviours of the machine and then attempt to complete their mission with the added feature of sharing with their friends using social platforms – again, relevant to the age group and either gender. As part of the government drive, this ‘Manufacture your Future’ campaign was launched by the Minister for Business, Energy and Enterprise; Matthew Hancock MP.
Download the free app QuadRun and try it for yourself