Medical Aftercare

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 Jun 24, 2014 -


In the medical industry technology is continually evolving. Apparatus developments, release of new medical equipment and updated product specifications are all aspects constantly advancing in the health care sector.

With health care being such an emerging market it’s extremely important for nurses, surgeons and medical assistants to keep up to date with all the latest industry news.

 To treat patients in the most effective manner with the highest level of care most medical care professionals use the most innovative technology available from stethoscopes to surgical supplies. We’re sure that it can be pretty difficult to overcome the learning curve from traditional apparatus to the new evolved versions but by using Augmented Reality you can provide your medical team with a step to step virtual guide to success. Ensuring that all the relevant information is provided directly to professionals along with opportunity to virtually explore the equipment and specification guides.

A trigger image can be used on product packaging; technical specifications or any relevant industry publications, smart device users can then explore the virtual world of Augmented Reality. Users can download a bespoke application to access the medical information of your choice along with this, using the relevant trigger image and camera on the smart device Augmented Reality will provide users with a 3D digital experience directly from their smart phones or tablets.